4 Specialty Woods for your New Wood Flooring

Whether you’re ditching your old carpet or upgrading your current hardwood floors, exotic lumber is great way to bring your home interior back to life! Here are four woods that we recommend for your home flooring project!


  1. 1.      Hand-scraped mahogany flooring can give your room a rich depth with its deep red-brown color. Over time, your mahogany floors will become darker and warmer, but will always retain its strength, making it a durable flooring choice. You’re also likely to find some color variations among mahogany floor panels, so you can expect to have a fresh, yet inviting vibe in your room.


  1. 2.      For a darker, rustic feel, look into beech ebony flooring. While beech lumber tends to be softer than many mahogany woods, you can still expect reasonable longevity and strength. This type of wood would complement classical or traditionally styled kitchens or rooms with a minimalist, modern look.


  1. 3.      Maple floors are slightly harder than beech and can come in a variety of colors to match any interior. Lighter colors are excellent for heavy traffic areas, such as a kitchen or hallway. Darker colors would be great for a cozy living room or a luxurious study.


  1. 4.      But if you want to make a really big impression, then go with an exotic wood with both presence and durability. Acacia wood is the perfect specialty wood for homeowners who want their floors to make a statement. The colors are bold yet traditional, and Acacia has a beautiful grain for a natural, rustic look.


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