Choosing The Right Project For Your First Woodworking Endeavor

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Woodworking can be a gratifying and fun hobby and it’s also a great skill that can help you be more handy around the home. It’s good to be confident and creative while woodworking, but crafting with specialty woods for the first time can be a little intimidating. Here are a few easy woodworking projects that are enjoyable and fun!

  • Simple Workbench

As a woodworker, having a solid workbench where you can hone your craft is very important. Workbenches don’t need to be very complicated—in fact, the simpler the better, especially for one of your very first projects. Workbenches can be built at a low cost and don’t need to be very attractive since they’ll likely become damaged with normal use. However, make sure your workbench is sturdy and structurally sound.

  • Bird House

Once you’ve successfully built your workbench, it’s time to find woodworking projects that allow you to test your skills. The bird house is a quintessential novice woodworking project because it requires few tools, is small enough to manage, and doesn’t take very long. There are many plans available online for basic birdhouses. Once you’ve gotten the idea, you can expand your construction skills by designing and building your own birdhouse.

  • Picnic Table

Picnic tables are a great introductory project for new woodworkers. Much like your workbench, a DIY picnic table is particularly satisfying because you can use it and customize it anyway you’d like. Your friends and family will also appreciate being able to use one of your creations on a nice summer day.

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