Tips For Building a Redwood Fence

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A redwood fence can add privacy to your yard and curb appeal to your home. The following guide will help you determine the best approach to building a specialty wood fence.

  • Selecting the Best Materials: Choosing California Redwood as your building material offers many advantages. California Redwood is considered softwood, which is naturally resistant to rot. A high retention rating allows California Redwood fences to resist chemicals from soil contact. Using redwood to construct your fence is also a green option. These renewable materials naturally absorb and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Choosing redwood for your fence is an easy way to protect California’s natural environment.
  • Preparing the Site: Sufficient planning will help your fence installation run smoothly. Use a small sledge hammer to drive stakes into the ground. These stakes should be arranged as placeholders for permanent end posts. Tie a mason’s line taut between each stake. Next, use a tape measure and marker to mark post positions on the mason’s line. Space your markings about six feet apart. Begin digging post holes after marking your distances. Dig a hole two feet deep to provide proper support for your fence. You may require a power digger to break up hardened earth or subterranean rocks. It’s important to research local zoning ordinances and your home owners’ association’s regulations before beginning work to make sure you have all proper permits. Also, be careful to avoid damaging water, sewer, electric, and gas lines.
  • Completing Construction: Implant your posts and use a special fence mix to fill in the holes. Then, use a circular saw to even the tops of each post. Add top rails to your fence by attaching 2-by-4 pieces to installed posts. Next, add low rails about six inches from the bottom of your fence. Fill these supports with inner frames and boards. Remember to predrill nail holes where rails and inner frames meet to mitigate installation errors. With a bit of extra effort, homeowners can decorate their fence with a lattice design.

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