Woodworking Tips and Ideas


When it comes to purchasing lumber, there is more to consider than you might think. For one, you’ll want to research how moisture will affect the wood you choose. Also, remember to take into consideration what type of stain, dye, or sealant will best suit your specialty wood. For more information, check out these great resources from around the web:

  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine offers a guide to using wood floors, cabinets, and accents in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • This article from WoodMagazine.com will give you more information about the importance and formation of wood grain.
  • Before you begin your wood staining project, check out this article for some great wood finishing tips from DIY Network.  
  • For information about how moisture affects woods, head over to this article on About.com.
  • If you want to protect the wood furniture and structures inside your home, find out how to control indoor humidity. For some helpful tips, check out this article from The Weather Channel online.

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