How to Care for Your Wooden Deck

Summertime isn’t too far around the corner, and soon you’ll want to head outside to enjoy your deck and outdoor living. From everyday barbecues to fancy Fourth of July parties, the summer months are a great time to enjoy your specialty wood deck.

In order to get the most out of your deck, it needs to be properly maintained. Specialty woods create beautiful decks, but they do need a bit of maintenance. Constant exposure to the elements combined with dirt, sand, and regular wear and tear can take a toll on any deck, but with just a bit of effort, you can ensure a long life for your deck (and outdoor living!).

Basic care:

  • Regularly sweep dirt and debris off your deck and wash it occasionally with a garden hose.
  • After a winter storm, remove the snow as soon as possible.
  • Promptly remove any food spills off the deck.
  • Take caution when cleaning a specialty wood deck to avoid gauging the wood.


Annual care:

  • Check the underside of the deck for any rotting or mold.
  • Sand down rough or splintered deck boards and nail loose nails back into place as needed.
  • Replace completely deteriorated boards with new boards made of the same specialty wood.



  • Aim for re-sealing your wooden deck every year, preferably in the spring. The sealant adds a water-resistant barrier to the specialty wood, which helps extend the life of the wood by keeping water out. There are a variety of sealants on the market—just make sure it is a water-resistant barrier.

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