How To Clean And Maintain Wood Vanities And Cabinetry

Wood is a versatile material for use around the house and looks great in a variety of applications, such as vanities and cabinetry, moulding and millwork, interior and exterior doors, and even decks and outdoor living spaces.

If you have opted to use any wood, including specialty woods, for your vanities and cabinetry, then you will want to make sure you take good care of the wood so the vanities and cabinetry look great for a long time.

Follow these tips to maintain your vanities and cabinetry:

  • Be careful about what you use to clean your wood vanities and cabinetry. A cleaner containing a large amount of alcohol may penetrate a wooden cabinet’s finish, for example, causing drying and cracking of the wood. Test any product on a small area on the inside of the cabinet door.
  • Clean vanities and cabinets with a mixture of one gallon of water and ¼-cup mild soap or oil soap. Simply scrub the cabinets with the solution and then use a dry rag to wipe off any moisture that is left.
  • Turn on your kitchen fan while cooking on the stove or in the oven. The fan will help remove grease and dust that can damage the finish of wood cabinets.
  • Protect wood cabinets and vanities from direct sunlight by installing curtains or blinds on nearby windows. The sun’s rays can cause cabinet finishes to fade.
  • If a wooden vanity or cabinet has small nicks or scratches, then you can disguise them with a store-bought scratch cover product. These are readily available and help to remove the scratches from the wood.
  • Protect wood from grease, moisture, and other damaging things by applying a coat of wax on it. Use a light furniture wax, and reapply it every six months.

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