Learn The Basics Of Wood Finishing

wooden floorboards with oil and paintbrush

Whether you’re working on your new hardwood floors or beautifying old cabinetry, wood finishing is important to protecting wood that is all around your homes interior. Finishing also gives wood a great color and shine that will last for many years. Here are the basic steps of wood finishing to follow during your specialty wood project.

               1. Sanding. The very first step to wood finishing is sanding the wood. Sanding prepares the wood for finishing in a number of ways: it removes imperfections from the wood that may ruin your finish, including dirt, oil, and other stains. Sanding also opens up the wood’s pores and prepares it to receive the stain more effectively. After sanding, remove wood dust with a clean cloth.

                2. Conditioning & Staining. After properly sanding your wood and wiping off dust, apply a wood conditioner. Wood conditioners seal the wood to ensure even coating and coloring after staining. After allowing the conditioner to dry, apply the stain using a clean cloth. For a darker finish, leave the stain on for longer before wiping off excess stain. For a lighter finish, wipe off excess stain quickly after application.

               3. Varnishing. Allow the stain to dry for six to eight hours after application, and then apply a varnish to protect the wood, repel contaminants, and prevent the stain from rubbing off. Varnish also helps the wood resist water, increasing the lifespan of your furniture.

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