The Benefits Door Matching Offers Over Pre-Hung Door Replacement


Whether you’re tackling a home remodeling project, or simply making a few small updates, replacing your doors is a great way to bring new life to your home. Many homeowners fall back on purchasing pre-hung doors, which are not only difficult to install, but also unnecessary. Door matching is a much simpler and more effective solution for door replacement.

  • Understanding Parts of a Door. Your doorway consists of three major components: the doorframe, door slab, and hinges. Door slabs are designed to fit perfectly in the doorframe, so you’ll never have to worry about being unable to close or open the door. A pre-made replacement door may not always fit into your pre-existing doorframe. This leads many home renovators to assume the only option is to replace their doors and doorframes with pre-hung doors in an altered size.
  • Why Pre-Hung Doors are Inefficient. Pre-hung doors come with a lot of downsides: first, they are more expensive than slab doors because they come with more (unnecessary) parts. Second, pre-hung doors are difficult to install and require demolition of the area around the door. This may be a lot more work than you’re willing to commit to. Finally, they’re much heavier than door slabs and can cost more to ship.
  • Discovering the Advantages of Door Matching. These are just a few reasons why door matching is such a great option for replacing interior or exterior doors. Homeowners who are happy with the size of their doors can simply have new doors created to fit their current doorframe. New matching doors can be custom made in any color or style, using traditional or specialty woods of your choice. Matched doors will be ready to paint and hang, and are available for use in a matter of minutes.

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