Crucial Woodworking Tools And Supplies For Every Aspiring Carpenter

Carpenters construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. This can include things like decks and outdoor living spaces, vanities and cabinetry, moulding and millwork, and interior and exterior doors. Carpenters may do these projects with basic woods or specialty woods.

For people interested in becoming a carpenter, training is key—job opportunities are best for those with the most training and skills. This line of work also requires a working knowledge of the variety of tools needed to complete projects like vanities and cabinetry and moulding and millwork.


Essential carpentry tools and supplies include the following:

  • Measuring and marking out tools: When it comes to carpentry, getting your measurements right is essential. Everything from decks and outdoor living spaces to vanities and cabinetry depends on proper measurements. You will need marking knives, craft knives, retractable tape, a steel rule, a marking gauge, and spirit levels.
  • Saws: Once things are measured and marked, it is time for the saw. Correct, sharp saws are essential to carpentry work, whether it is a set of interior and exterior doors or moulding and millwork. They will save you lots of time, lower your stress, and make your work more accurate. You should plan on buying a crosscut saw, a rip saw, a panel saw, and a universal saw.
  • Planes. Planes are needed to smooth the wood with which you will be working. There are a variety of planes available for different tasks.
  • Hammers and mallets. No tool set is complete without a great hammer. Your hammer choice will depend on the specific job. You may want to have a wooden mallet, a rubber mallet, a claw hammer, a pin hammer, and a cross pen hammer on hand.

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