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If you’re planning on bringing new wood surfaces to your home—wood flooring, perhaps, or a new deck—then make sure you know enough to choose the lumber that works best for you. Here are some excellent resources to make your wood project go smoothly.


  • Need some help picking wood floor for your home? This great article from Taunton’s Inspired House will help you figure out how to choose the flooring that best suits your needs.
  • Over the life of your deck, proper deck maintenance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here are some tips from Home Improvement Time on how to maintain your deck.
  • If you are a do-it-yourselfer, then you will love our project guides on the Southern Lumber website! From decks to sheds, floors to picture frames, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to tackle your next wood project.
  • On, learn more about deck refinishing and preserving your deck for years to come.
  • Is your deck loosing its shine? Power washing can help bring your deck back to life! Here are some instructions on how to approach power washing from
  • Interested in learning about how wood strength is measured? Check out this page on about how the Janka hardness scale works, along with a list of many common wood types and Janka ratings.

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