Southern Lumbers Offers Tips On How To Build the Steps For Your Deck

How To Build the Steps For Your Deck

1. Pour the foundation for the steps and some homeowners may want to add      kick plate.

2.  Transfer step measurements, as determined by calculations (Steps listed below), onto a 2-by-12 treated board that will be your first stringer. First mark the height dimension of a step onto the short arm of a framing square; place the framing square to the board with this mark at the outside edge of the board. Then hold the square in place and slide it up and down until the width dimension on long arm of square is on edge of board.

3. Trace aroundthe outside edge of framing square, the tracing will look like a v

4. Continue marking treadsand the board wil now look like VVV.

5. Subtract the tread's thickness from the bottom of the stringer and notch out the bottom to fit around the kicker plate.

6. Cut along the trace lines with a circular saw or handsaw.

7 .Check the alignment with the deck, then trace and cut a second stringer using the first as your pattern.

8. Attach the stops of the stringers to exposed joists with bolts or to end or rim joists with joist anchors or angle brackets.

9. Attach the bottom of the stringers to the base or kicker plate with angle irons with lag screws.

10. Cut risers and treads to the desired width of your stairway, leaving 3/4-inch overhang on each side.

11. Screw or nail risers in place, then add treads. Fasten bottom edges of risers to backs of treads.

Calculate the Number of Steps Needed For Your Deck

1. Measure height of deck.

2. Divide height of deck by 6 or 7. (the normal riser height.) This tells you the number of steps you need from the ground to the top of the deck.

3. Calculate the tread (the width of the step from front to back), or T. Twice the riser height (or R) plus the tread width should be between 24 inches and 26 inches. Or, (2 x R) + T = 24 to 26. So, for a riser that is 6 inches tall, the tread should measure between 12 inches and 14 inches. (Some leeway is allowed for comfort when using the steps.)

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