What Causes Wood To Wear Over Time?

Moldy Mould Stains on Damp Door and Wall behind Cabinet

One of the most delicate materials within your home is wood. From vanities and cabinetry to interior and exterior doors, wood enhances your home, but also requires a certain degree of extra care. There are many factors that cause wood to wear prematurely, and it pays to be aware of them to avoid damage to your home’s moulding and millwork.

  1. Wear from day-to-day use. Walking across your hardwood floors every day, opening and shutting vanity and cabinetry drawers, and going in and out of doors all take a toll on the wood in your home. Clean cabinets, doors, and floors regularly to prevent dust and dirt from scratching across wood surfaces. Be gentle with doors and drawers, and consider not wearing shoes in the house if you have hardwood flooring.
  2. Moisture damage. Water leaks can destroy woodwork in mere days or, drip by drip, over a period of months or years. Fix leaks as soon as you find them. Check underneath sinks periodically for drips or leaks; these are the most common areas for moisture damage.
  3. Dryness and wood rot. Sometimes inappropriate cleaning solvents dry out and damage wood. Specialty woods need specialty cleaner and oil. Be sure you’re cleaning and oiling the wood inside your home with the appropriate products.
  4. Termites. Not only do termites threaten the aesthetics and functionality of the wood in your home, but they also threaten your home’s entire structure. Have your home inspected professionally for termites every one to three years to ensure they’re not eating away at your house. Call an inspector immediately if you spot what looks like sawdust in the corners or edges of your house.

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