Old Wood Decks: Choosing Between Reconditioning And Replacement

If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, then installing a wood deck at home is a great way to experience the exhilaration of the outdoors while maintaining the comfort of home. The addition of a wood deck can add considerable value to your home, so keeping it well-maintained is of the utmost importance. Since wood decks are constantly exposed to the elements, as well as furniture and foot traffic, they can quickly show signs of wear and tear. Different signs of damage will help you determine whether to replace or simply recondition your deck.


  • Fading

Wood decks are constantly exposed to the sun. After several months or years of incessant sunshine, your deck’s initial luster can begin to fade. Coating the deck with a UV-resistant sealant is a simple solution. If the sealant you choose is clear or without pigment, then it will not provide any protection against UV rays.

  • Warping

Over time, precipitation can warp your deck. If your deck is relatively new, then you can add a sealant to prevent warping. But if your deck is already significantly warped, then replacing the warped sections is probably the safest option.


  • Scratches

Outdoor living activities can expose your deck to all sorts of objects like tables, chairs, and grills, and especially foot traffic. Sometimes you can cover up these scratches with paint or a sealant, but the best long-term option is to replace your deck with a more durable wood.

  • Cracks

Decks that have begun to crack or splinter can be structurally unsound. If your deck has severe deterioration and holes in its surface, then replace your deck as soon as possible.

If you’re unsure whether your wood deck needs reconditioning or replacement, then contact Southern Lumber. Give us a call at (408) 297-9663 to speak with one of our qualified professionals about your best options for restoring your deck and to purchase quality supplies.

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