Exploring The Different Types Of Wood Finishes Available To You

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Whether you’re working on a deck, cabinetry, moulding, or other interior or exterior wood features, it’s vital to protect your wood from moisture, dirt, and physical damage. Depending on the type of wood and intended use, there are a number of different finishing options to consider. Here are three finishing options to explore for your project:

  • Staining

Stains provide a translucent finish, which is great for woodworkers using specialty woods, or who simply want a warmer, organic feel to their products. Stains are available in oil- and water-based mixtures. Oil-based stains dry more slowly than water-based stains. However, oil-based stains provide different color qualities that you may not achieve with a water-based stain. Stains are also available in one-step options—stain and clear coat in the same mixture—or two-step options, which include only stain and require a separate application of a clear coat.

  • Painting

Painting is another great option for finishing wood. Depending on the type of woods you use, or the style you are trying to achieve, paint may be the best option for you. The types and colors of paints are virtually limitless. Just remember to only use interior paint indoors and exterior paint outdoors.

  • Waxing

Waxing was once one of the most popular finishing methods, but has since become a niche choice for finishing wood. Waxing is ideal for restoring or refinishing antique materials that use wax finishing. There are also many types of rustic or hacienda-style furniture that still incorporate wax finishes. Remember to apply multiple coats over several days to ensure proper adhesion and moisture resistance.

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