Popular Applications For Hardwoods

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You might think that hardwood is only good for floors or wood decks. In reality, there are many applications for hardwoods and specialty woods around the home. For the crafty types, finding a project you can do yourself with hardwoods can be a very rewarding experience. When you choose hardwood over softwood, your color and grain options are greatly expanded.

  • Furniture

White ash, cherry, birch, maple, and oak are just a few of the most popular hardwoods. For the amateur carpenter, the obvious choice for furniture projects is hardwood. If you’re building a frame for a couch or something you’ll cover with fabric, then hardwood accents can add a touch of beauty. Specialty hardwoods make attractive vanities as well. Any type of hardwood is good for indoor furniture that won’t receive much stress to its structure, but for outdoor furniture, choose a more durable hardwood. Teak or oak are fairly weather-resistant, and do well outside with simply a coat of sealant.

  • Cabinets

Cabinets will be prominent in any room, from the kitchen to a bathroom. Any hardwood will create an attractive cabinet, so when choosing hardwood for your cabinets, the grain and texture of the wood become more important. Hardwoods come in many varieties, from dark to light; red, brown, white, or yellow; and knotted or lined. Your hardwood specialist can help you choose the right wood to match your desired results.

  • Outdoor Accents

For archways and gazebos, specialty hardwoods offer much more attractive choices than any synthetic material. Birch is a good choice for outdoor structures because it’s very strong and takes paint better than stain. Maple is also good for large structures because it has a fine, straight grain, which makes it more stable than other kinds of hardwoods.

Warehouse-style home improvement centers often don’t carry a wide selection of hardwoods, and sometimes don’t offer any hardwoods at all. Choosing Southern Lumber means you’ll enjoy the most variety and customization. Give us a call at (408) 297-9663 to hear about our specialty woods.

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