Wood, Wood Stains, And Wood Working

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If you’d like to learn more about wood species and finishing, then check out these interesting websites from around the web. Call Southern Lumber at (408) 297-9663 to learn more about our quality specialty woods and custom wood products.

  • To learn about choosing and applying wood stains, visit this helpful page from AskBruceJohnson.com
  • Are you stumped when it comes to what type of wood to use for your next woodworking project? This page from How Stuff Works is a great introduction to evaluating wood characteristics and types.
  • Do you want to restore antique furniture? This page offers great information on using paste wax wood finish.
  • For information on the different kinds of stains, sealers, and fillers used for finishing, check out this document from the University of Kentucky.
  • To learn about different wood species, visit this page from Dummies.com.

These resources should get you on the right track to choosing the perfect wood and wood stains for your next wood working project; however, the professionals at Southern Lumber are right around the corner. We can help you select or create custom designs that are right for you.

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