Blog Posts in September, 2011

How To: Stain Wood

One of the most important steps when working with wood is finishing it properly. Applying a finish not only helps to preserve the wood by blocking out moisture and dirt, but also enhances the look, ...
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Understanding The Varying Wood Characteristics Of Different Wood Species

In any given home, there are multiple types of wood used throughout the interior and exterior. You may have a walnut dining table, an oak dresser, and your home might be framed with pine. Different ...
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Woodworking Tips Avaiable To You

For more information about finishing wood or novice woodworking projects, take a look at these helpful websites and articles: Do you wish your new wood furniture was a vintage piece? This article from ...
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Customizing Your Wood For A High-End Designer Look

Specialty woods can be used in all types of interior and exterior features to give your home a luxurious, high-end look. There are a number of ways to customize wood furniture and features throughout ...
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