Customizing Your Wood For A High-End Designer Look

Specialty woods can be used in all types of interior and exterior features to give your home a luxurious, high-end look. There are a number of ways to customize wood furniture and features throughout the home. Here are some methods to consider for customizing your specialty wood furniture and fixtures:

  • Choosing the Right Finish

There are many different ways to finish your wood furniture. In addition to giving your wood the look you want, finishing is also essential to protecting it from cracking and decomposition. For a more old-world natural look, consider oils like linseed and tung oil. Surface stains like shellac or varnish tend to last longer and create a glossy, protective coating when applied properly. If you’d rather have a custom color, then use a high-quality paint to get the look you want.

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  • Selecting High-End Hardware

A great way to upgrade custom vanities, cabinetry, and doors is to accent them with high-end hardware. There are thousands of different hardware options that are sure to match your room’s décor and the natural characteristics of specialty wood, including hinges, knobs, handles, and more. Hardware will give your wood a bit of flair for a truly professional look.

  • Distressing

Antique or vintage furniture, doors, and moulding may be hard to track down, but you can easily get that vintage look by distressing your wood. Distressing is essentially giving less expensive wood products an antique look by carefully damaging and weathering the wood. This can be done through “accidental” staining, strategic placement of gashes and scratches, and applying finishes in unconventional ways.

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