What a Beautiful Redwood Fence Can Do For Your Home


Adding a wooden fence to your home is a great way to increase your property’s privacy, security, and even its value. Redwood, especially all-heart redwood, has a unique and timeless appearance that offers a kind of classic beauty, whether left natural or stained. This specialty wood is strong and long-lasting, able to endure the elements when properly treated, making it ideal for fences.


Two of the main reasons why homeowners install wooden fences around their homes are for improved privacy and security. Wooden fences offer a high degree of privacy when constructed of tight-fitting slats or other configurations that add architectural interest without compromising the visual security of your yard.

Homeowners who wish to preserve good relationships with their neighbors can certainly install redwood fencing in the front yard in a picket or other traditional style, while using a more privacy-friendly configuration in the backyard. Redwood is very strong, making it ideal for a tall and sturdy fence that augments your home security.

Value and Beauty

Redwood has many advantages when used as a fencing material, not the least of which is its beauty. Adding a quality wooden fence to your home can immediately increase its visual appeal, especially when the style appropriately echoes or otherwise complements the architecture of your home. Redwood is also known for its resistance to warping and shrinkage. It is more durable than other types of wood and readily accepts different types of finishes and stains.

You can enjoy increased home value with the addition of a sturdy fence made from redwood. The additional visual attractiveness, security, and privacy can increase buyer appeal and actual value at the same time, making this type of wood fence an ideal investment.

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