Whittle Away At These Woodworking Resources Before Paying A Visit To Southern Lumber


Visit the links below to learn more about pine as a woodworking material and how a beautiful redwood fence can increase the value and beauty of your home. Contact Southern Lumber at (408) 297-9663 for more information on these topics or to hear about our selection of specialty woods.

  • Check out this page from WoodworkingTips.com for information on how to handle pine wood species in your shop.
  • Learn more about wood fencing constructed from pine on this page from AskTheBuilder.com.
  • Take a look at this slideshow from Better Homes and Gardens for some important things to consider before you construct a fence on your property.
  • Get some facts on the sugar pine tree and its wood characteristics at WoodBin.com.
  • Head to ThisOldHouse.com for guidance on choosing the right kind of sandpaper for your next woodworking project.

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