Four Signs Your Home's Front Door Should Be Replaced


An old and tattered front door is a perfect place to focus on for your next home improvement project. After all, a new front door can offer numerous benefits to your household—keep reading to learn about a few signs that indicate your front door needs an immediate upgrade.

Local Crime:  Pay close attention to crime rates in your community—a rise in burglaries and thefts could make you think twice about your home’s security. Choose a durable entry door to your home and ensure that the lock has a deadbolt and a solid, uncompromised door jamb to secure your entryway.  Damage-resistant doors and locks will prevent an intruder from gaining access through the entryway.  A new entry door can also act as a deterrent that prevents would-be criminals from targeting your home.

Constant Repairs:  Old doors are more likely to need repair on a regular basis. In fact, the cost of ongoing door repairs may actually exceed the overall cost of a new door. You should seriously consider replacing your door if your annual repair costs are high.  An old door may need new weather stripping, sanding and staining, or leveling—all of which can be quite a hassle.


Worn Exterior: The front entry door is the focal point of your entire property. Old, broken-down doors will detract from the rest of your beautiful home. Thankfully, you can boost your home’s curb appeal with a short phone call. Contact a door specialist at Southern Lumber if you have more questions about door repair and custom replacement.

Poor Insulation: Doors, windows, and insulation minimize the heat that travels in and out of your home. Less heat transfer produces lower energy bills and additional savings each month. You can enhance your home’s protection against heat transfer and reduce drafts all in one step by replacing your front door.

Contact Southern Lumber if you have more questions about new hardwood doors. Our “Door Matching” services will give you a custom-made door designed to fit your existing hardware. We can be reached by phone at (408) 297-WOOD or through our website .

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