Common Issues That Can Arise from Choosing the Wrong Wood for a Job

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Whether you’re building a deck, laying a wood floor, or adding moulding accents around the home, choosing the right specialty woods for your project is very important. Although you may find a wood that looks perfect for your job, it may not behave how you want it to once it’s installed. Here’s a look at some problems you may run into by choosing the wrong wood species.

               1.      Not Enough Durability

The hardness of wood varies from species to species, which is an important consideration when building a wooden feature such as a deck or wood flooring that needs to be tough and stable. Softwoods like pine, redwood, and cedar are more susceptible to damage from normal wear and tear than hardwoods like maple, cherry, and oak. Talk to your local lumber and specialty woods expert for tips on which woods to choose.

               2.      Too Much Expansion

Another factor to consider when choosing woods is their stability, or how much they expand or contract as moisture levels change. Even tough hardwoods like mahogany can be very unstable, expanding and shrinking with changes in humidity. If the wood you’re using will be exposed to moisture, such as in a kitchen or outdoors, consider using more stable woods, such as beech, oak, or maple.

               3.      Inadequate Finishing

Consider how conducive a type of wood is to staining or painting. While some woods are fairly receptive to finishing, others contain oils and resins that can cause finishes to fail very quickly. Also consider the natural color of the wood you are choosing and how that may affect the finish you choose.

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