What You Need to Know About Installing Hardwood Flooring

Worker Installing New Cumuru Hardwood Floor

Quality hardwood flooring can add considerable value to your home. If you learn the following basics of installation, you can complete your woodworking job handily.

  • DIY Methods: New lumber options make do-it-yourself flooring jobs more accessible to the average homeowner. Before undertaking installation, compare the speed and quality of a professional job against the success of your own efforts. Labor is the most expensive part of any professional contracting job, so doing the job yourself is sure to save you thousands of dollars. Try working with a local lumber yard to acquire pre-finished materials. Choosing ready-to-install hardwood will significantly reduce your workload.
  • Materials and Finishes: The right hardwood will add a unique charm to your interior or exterior flooring project. California Redwood is renowned for its ruddy beauty and durability. This material stands up to rough weather and works well for backyard decks. Yellow-brown pine is a useful interior material, thanks to its insect-resistant properties. Match your wood with an appropriate surface finish for a complete flooring solution. Water-based urethane products dry in a short time and are perfect for beginners. Remember to use a penetrating finish and wax to give your hardwood an attractive, perpetual sheen.
  • Installation Strategies: Your method of installation will determine the life and the quality of your installation. Fastening nails can be used to attach hardwood to a subfloor, but this method may not be viable for thick lumber materials. Staples and glue offer alternative methods for simple installation. Floating simply requires a light adhesive and a noise-reducing pad. Practice these methods before committing to an entire flooring job. The experienced lumber yard professionals at Southern Lumber are happy to offer their advice on do-it-yourself projects.

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