Different Reasons to Get Custom Millwork


Though it can be fun to cut your own lumber, sometimes it’s nice to leave the sawing to the professionals. There are two common options for professional millwork: commodity millwork and custom millwork. Though commodity millwork is well suited for large projects, it lacks the finesse of custom millwork. Here are a few different reasons why you might opt for custom millwork during your next woodworking project:  

Cabinet Replacements

Putting together a cabinet is a very delicate project that requires a high level of precision. Though you may be able to put together cabinets yourself, only professional millwork can make your replacement cabinets look absolutely stunning and polished.  

New Trim or Moulding

Trim and moulding are subtle but important parts of your interior’s aesthetic. If your molding is even a half inch too long or too short, it will stand out considerably. Luckily, professional custom millwork can ensure that all of your home’s trim and moulding are exactly the right shapes and lengths. 

Custom Furniture Pieces

Building a new chair, bench, or vanity is difficult enough without having to cut the wood yourself. If you’d rather not tackle blades and flying sawdust, you can bring your template to a custom facility and have them take care of the rest.  

Custom Decking

If your deck boards aren’t absolutely straight, you could be facing some serious safety issues. For maximum precision, leave all of the cutting to professional millworkers—especially if your deck design is unusual or complicated.

Though you may experience a swell of pride when you cut your own wood, sometimes it’s just not worth the time, effort, or risk. If you’re looking to finish a woodworking project quickly, taking your wood to a custom millwork facility is well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for a custom millwork facility in the San Jose area, come by Southern Lumber. After over 100 years in the lumber and milling business, we know nearly everything there is to know about vanities, decks, cabinets, and moulding. Call us today at (408) 297-9663 if you have any questions about our specialty woods and services.  

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