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Using Treated Wood in Your Vegetable Garden

Treated lumber is used in a wide variety of building applications on residential and commercial properties. Here at Southern Lumber, we often get questions regarding the use of treated lumber in ...
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Wood Decks, Redwood Fencing, and Wood Species

Here are five helpful links that’ll lead you to more great information on specialty woods, decking, and fencing: Before you begin staining your deck, follow these 10 steps from to ...
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A Look at the Differences Between Hardwoods and Softwoods

There are many different factors that determine what kind of lumber to use for a specific project, including color, grain, and strength. However, the most important distinction between different types ...
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March Specials at Southern Lumber!!!

Check out our new March specials below and visit Southern Lumber this weekend to take advantage of these great deals. Act now because these offers are only valid until March 25, 2012.
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What Makes Redwood Ideal for Fencing?

Fencing offers a great way to give your property a sense of privacy and also keep your home, children, and pets safe. Although there are many different species of wood that are great for building ...
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San Jose Historic Landmarks Photo Contest

In honor of Historic Preservation Month, the San Jose Landmarks Commission and Southern Lumber are asking you to submit your best photo with a written description that represents historically ...
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