Using Treated Wood in Your Vegetable Garden

Gardener with Wooden Seedling Tray

Treated lumber is used in a wide variety of building applications on residential and commercial properties. Here at Southern Lumber, we often get questions regarding the use of treated lumber in sensitive areas, such as near plants and in vegetable gardens. Here’s a look at some factors to consider when using treated lumber to build garden boxes or in other gardening or landscaping applications.

  • Human Safety

First, treated lumber is 100% safe to use around plants and vegetables in your garden. The chemicals used to treat the lumber we carry are not harmful to you or your plants; you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have a safe, long-lasting garden bed to use throughout the growing season.

The most common chemicals used to treat lumber are actually commonly found in most agricultural applications. Wolmanized Copper Azole contains copper, which is widely used in gardens and agriculture to supplement the soil, and carbon-based fungicides that are completely safe to use on crops and plants. The primary difference between these preservatives in your garden and in a farm is that they are not directly injected into the soil.

  • Plant Safety

If your thumbs are particularly green, you might be concerned about the lumber treatment altering the composition of your planting soil. While the treatment chemicals are not dangerous or harmful in any way, you may consider placing a liner in your garden box to prevent your soil from being affected by these chemicals. This ensures that your plants will grow the way you expect them to!

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