What Makes Redwood Ideal for Fencing?


Fencing offers a great way to give your property a sense of privacy and also keep your home, children, and pets safe. Although there are many different species of wood that are great for building fences, one of the most widely used specialty woods for fencing is redwood. Take a look at what characteristics make redwood perfect for fencing of any kind:

  • Beautiful

Redwood is grown in many different parts of the world, but is found in larger quantities in the Western United States. It’s distinguishable from other species of wood based on its fine, uniform grain; swirled knots; and rich red hue. These aesthetic qualities make it visually pleasing, a characteristic that is important for homeowners building decks, fencing, and other highly visible specialty wood features.

  • Resilient

Other characteristics of redwood lumber also make it ideal for fencing. Redwood is known for its incredible resistance to insect infestation and decay. This wood contains natural preservatives that are poisonous to fungi and pests, which means your redwood fencing will last for years and years before replacement is required.

  • Durable

Redwood is also known for being easy to work with and durable. This strong softwood has great dimensional stability, so it’ll remain straight and flat for its entire usable life. You’ll never have to worry about your redwood fencing drooping, sagging or warping. Redwood is also very receptive to staining and sealing due to its open cell structure. This means you’ll get great absorption of stains and sealants, which maximizes the amount of time between applying new finishes.

To learn more about the benefits of using redwood for fences, decks, and other outdoor living features, come to Southern Lumber. We carry an excellent selection of specialty woods perfect for your DIY building project. Learn more about our products and services by visiting us online or calling (408) 297-9663.

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