Outdoor Wood Care and Maintenance Tips

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Are you refinishing or building a new deck or outdoor living space this year? Before the summer weather wears out your new wooden deck or fence, be sure to properly weatherproof outdoor wooden surfaces. With a little time and effort, your decks, fence, steps, gazebo, and other exterior wood features will stay strong and beautiful for years to come. Here are some basic weatherproofing tips for outdoor wood surfaces:

  • Start With High-Quality Woods

While many types of lumber are great for outdoor construction, certain types of robust, stronger hardwoods are ideal. Cedar and redwood are top choices because they are stable, strong, and receptive to beautiful finishes. Both of these specialty woods also contain natural oils that help protect them from mold, rotting, and insects. For added protection, opt for a pressure-treated wood that comes pre-preserved.

  • Keep Wood Surfaces Smooth

At some point in the construction of your outdoor living area, make sure all surfaces are as smooth as possible. The smoother the wood, the less water will get trapped in the grains. This means a reduced chance of discoloration, mold, and rotting.

  • Apply a Water-Repellent Preservative

In addition to sealing your outdoor woods, you can apply a water-repellent preservative to further protect your wood features from water damage. This preservative won’t need to be reapplied until the paint or stain requires touchups, so it’s truly a worry-free solution to water damage.

  • Thoroughly Finish Your Wood

Remember to finish your wood with a high-quality paint or stain. These finishes will not only help to further block moisture, but also protect your wood from UV discoloration and some wear and tear.

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