Blog Posts in October, 2012

Tips for Replacing Interior Doors in Your Home

Your home is your most valuable investment. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the appearance and function of your house so that it remains a great place for you and your family to ...
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Using Different Woods for Different Jobs

When it comes to starting your next home improvement project, the first task is to find the proper materials. If you’re planning to use wood, this means deciding which type of wood will best ...
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Preparing Your Deck Before Winter

Preparing for Winter: A fresh coat of stain acts as a protective shield for exterior wood much like a coat gives us warmth the stain provides a layer of protection through the extreme winter months. ...
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Wood Species Profile: Cherry

Every specialty wood has its own characteristics that make it unique. Whether you are looking at a particular type of wood’s color, texture, or grain pattern, choosing your materials can be a ...
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