Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Flooring

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The appearance of hardwood floors gives your home a warm and inviting feel that you can’t get with other types of flooring. However, depending on your budget and infrastructure, you may have to make a choice between engineered and solid hardwood. Both give you the appearance that you desire, but their differences in price and functionality should be taken into consideration when ordering from your local lumber supplier.


Engineered flooring costs less than solid hardwood because each board is a reproduction of the wood in question. For example, instead of buying solid Brazilian Cherry, you can buy engineered flooring that features a Brazilian Cherry exterior that sandwiches a harder, cheaper wood. Engineered flooring is significantly more affordable than solid hardwood, but installation and maintenance prices are about the same.


Price aside, some homeowners choose engineered flooring because it can be installed in any room. The tough interior layers help engineered flooring withstand moisture in the event of leaks. Also, while most solid hardwood can’t be installed near heat sources, engineered flooring can be kept warm when built atop radiant heating, which adds comfort during the winter.


Because you can only resurface engineered flooring a few times before you’ve stripped away the exterior hardwood layer, it’s not going to last as long as solid hardwood. While species like Red Oak are advertised to last 25 years, some hardwoods can last a lifetime if properly maintained. You can resurface hardwood as many times as you like without sacrificing appearance and durability.

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