A Woodworker's Guide to Table Saw Accessories

Carpenter Measuring a Wooden Plank

A table saw is an important part of any woodworker’s workshop. Nothing can cut sheet goods quite as well as a table saw, and few saws are as easy to use. If you’re interested in buying a table saw, don’t stop with the saw itself—you might also consider getting a few accessories to help make your woodworking projects safer and more successful.

Saw Blade
Not all saw blades are the same; to make a wide range of cuts in multiple kinds of wood, you should consider buying a few different saw blades. Generally speaking, the more teeth a blade has, the smoother its cutting ability. Some woodworkers use blades with fewer teeth in order to make cuts fast. 

Throat Plate
The throat plate is the part of your table saw through which the blade juts out. Many factory throat plates are too wide, often leading to tear-outs and wood debris getting stuck between the blade and the throat plate. To resolve these issues, consider getting a zero-clearance throat plate insert for your table saw.

Push Block
If you don’t know what you’re doing, working with a table saw can be very dangerous. To make your woodworking projects safer, consider buying several different kinds of push blocks. A push block acts as an extension of your hand, allowing you keep your hands far from the blade when you make your cuts.

Outfeed Support
It’s always a good idea to have some outfeed support to prevent pieces of wood from falling off the table after you make a cut. Without the right support, a piece of wood might tip upwards before you can finish your cut. To prevent these problems, consider getting a table that’s the same height as your table saw.

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