Answering Some Common Questions About Caring for Hardwood Floors

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Few flooring options are as timeless and elegant as hardwood floors. Except for the bathroom, hardwood floors can be installed in every room of the house. If you’re interested in installing hardwood floors in your home, it’s important that you understand how best to care for them. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions about hardwood floor maintenance.

How can I prevent damage?
Furniture, heavy foot traffic, and spills can take their toll on your hardwood floors. To prevent damage, consider putting down rugs or runners along the most heavily used parts of your floor. You should also put door mats near all exterior doors to prevent people from tracking in filth. To prevent scratches, put felt tips on the legs of all your furniture, and never move furniture by dragging it.  

How should I clean the floor?
Another great way to protect your floor is to clean it regularly. Instead of sweeping your floor, use a vacuum with a bare floor attachment, as this will prevent pieces of dirt from getting into the gaps between the planks. Also, don’t use a mop with water to clean your hardwood floors, as this will damage them. Instead, use a dry mop with a special dusting agent.

How often should I refinish?
The best way to care for your hardwood floor is to make sure it has an adequate finish. Ask a wood floor professional whether your floor would benefit most from an oil-based, water-based, or wax finish. Once water begins soaking into your hardwood floor, you might consider scraping off the old finish and putting on a new one. Hardwood floors should be refinished once every 10 years or so.

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