Contemporary Trends for Bathroom Vanities

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Like clothing styles, design trends come and go over the decades. If it’s been a while since your bathroom has seen any kind of change, you might consider giving it a few upgrades or a total overhaul. One of the most drastic changes you can make to your bathroom is to install a new vanity. If you’re interested in making a change, consider these modern trends:  

Frameless Design
Traditional vanities are usually built with large frames to hold the drawers. Today, more and more cabinets are built without large frames, with drawers making up the whole front façade. This type of construction can give your bathroom a sleek and sophisticated look while allowing for larger cabinets and drawers. 

Floating Vanities
You might opt for a traditional-looking vanity that is mounted on the wall, which leaves space beneath the vanity and makes it appear as if it is floating. If done right, this could give your bathroom a modern, almost futuristic appearance.   

Furniture Features
Everything old is new again. Instead of opting for sleek, contemporary-looking vanities, many homeowners are going for vanities that look like old pieces of furniture. For instance, some vanities are outfitted with ornate legs or weathered wood. A vanity with furniture features is a great way to give your bathroom a rustic look.   

Advanced Medicine Cabinets
Thanks to advancements in technology, medicine cabinets have been making quite a comeback in recent years. In addition to storing bandages, toothpaste, and medication, some medicine cabinets have built-in televisions or MP3 players. If you’re thinking of turning your bathroom into a relaxing hang-out spot, you might consider pairing your new vanity with a sophisticated new medicine cabinet.

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