Examples of Different Types of Softwood

Rain Drops on Redwood Deck

Adding updates to your home like beautiful wood doors, cabinets, and floors will let you get more enjoyment out of everyday living. When you’re ready to remodel, you have plenty of choices in terms of design and color, but remember to consider the material itself. Softwood refers to lumber from conifers, such as pine. Softwood is a popular choice for doors and cabinets, in particular.

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir has a visually pleasing vertical grain and a light, blushed color. Fir is also a remarkably strong softwood variety that will not shrink or swell when kept dry. This type of lumber is an ideal choice for both interior and exterior doors.

Ponderosa & Sugar Pine

Ponderosa pine is a Western pine with a gorgeous, light color and a smooth texture. These distinguishing features set it apart from Southern pines. Ponderosa pine is strong and straight-grained, which makes it suitable for doors and furniture.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is one of the most common types of cedar. It features warm, slightly reddish tones. It also boasts a low shrinkage factor, a straight grain, a homogenous texture, and impressive durability.  Doors or decking made from cedar can complement any home décor.


Redwood lumber is a popular choice for outdoor projects like decking because it is quite resistant to the effects of moisture. This softwood features a reddish blush and a straight grain. Choosing redwood for your exterior projects like decking, gates & fences will make quite an impression on your guests.

Western Hemlock

Western hemlock is ideal for those homeowners who prefer a lighter color of wood. It is a resin-free wood that readily accepts stains. Western hemlock is stronger and denser than eastern hemlock.

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