Different Hardwood Flooring Options for Your Home

As a homeowner, you take great pride in the way your house looks. Hardwood flooring not only gives your home aesthetic value, but also provides durability. There are many hardwood flooring options available to suit your budget, style, and durability preferences.

In this video, you will learn about flooring options that can fit your home improvement budget. Some flooring, such as laminated and engineered options, offer the look of hardwood for less money. While hardwood is more costly, it will increase your property value and can be refinished multiple times.

At Southern Lumber, we provide hardwood flooring options for every budget and style preference. Call us at (408) 297-WOOD to discuss your specific lumber needs. Our products range from on-grade softwoods and specialty hardwoods from around the world, to doors, cabinetry and other woodworking specialties.

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