Cabinet Staining Overview

When you are getting ready to take on a construction project, you need the right materials for the job. Whether you are a novice taking up a woodworking hobby or an experienced do-it-yourselfer, having the best lumber custom cut for you will make a difference in your final product. Southern Lumber is proud to offer milling services for all of our customers in the San Jose area. Just give us a template, and we’ll take care of everything else. Keep reading to find out more about our milling services.

Miter Cutting

Many construction projects require exact measurements for a professional-quality outcome. If you are constructing a new doorjamb or window frame, you will probably be working with miter joints. Southern Lumber offers precision miter cutting for most molding and lumber products so you can continue with the job at hand, rather than cutting, measuring, and re-cutting over and over by yourself.

Decorative Ends

Construction is not just a utilitarian endeavor. Southern Lumber understands this, and we can cut the ends of beams in a decorative fashion for rafters, arbors, or any other project you are working on. Our decorative milling can give your home that extra special touch you’ve been looking for.


Depending on where you find your lumber, it may not always be of uniform thickness. At Southern Lumber, we can plane lumber down on boards up to 30 inches in width. You don’t have to settle for imperfect parts—let us help make your project more precise!


It can be frustrating to try to pull out a sticky or misshapen drawer every day. That’s why Southern Lumber can custom mill new drawers that fit better and are a breeze to use. We can replicate your old drawers and slides so you can say goodbye to frustrating, malfunctioning drawers.

For more information about the milling services offered by Southern Lumber, call us at (408) 297-9663. Our milling department will help you get the materials you want with the precise measurements you need. We are also the area’s premier specialty woods retailer.

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