Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Woodworking Accidents

Construction Worker With Circular Saw

Woodworking is a skill that produces a wide array of products, from durable furniture to beautiful pieces of art. However, sawing, sanding, polishing, and other aspects of the creation process can lead to injury if the woodworker doesn’t follow proper safety procedures. By respecting every piece of woodworking equipment you use, you can avoid damaging the wood and yourself. Remember these safety tips the next time you embark on a new deck or cabinetry project.

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear at all times is rule number one. No matter the size of the job or how little you intend to do, you must always wear goggles and protective clothing before working with lumber. Splinters in the skin and eyes are the most avoidable of all woodworking injuries. It only takes a few minutes to put on all of the protective gear you will need, but it can protect you from serious injury.

Keep Your Shop Clean and Organized

If your wood shop is unorganized, you’re putting yourself at serious risk for injury every time you run a saw or sander. Tripping on a loose cord or stray piece of wood can lead to a severe or even fatal injury. Wood shavings and chips are also very easy to slip on and should be swept up after every work session. Soiled working surfaces can also cause you to misjudge friction when moving wood or machinery, causing injury to yourself or someone else.

Master Your Equipment

Never use a piece of equipment that you haven’t been properly trained to use. Let a more experienced woodworker perform that task, even if it means ending your session for the day until someone better trained can join you. Saws, nail guns, glue guns, and sanding tools can all cause significant bodily harm when they come into contact with human skin.

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