Top Reasons Homeowners Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Other Flooring Types

Living Room

Has your carpet or vinyl floor become faded, dingy, or stained? Consider updating to a beautiful new hardwood floor. Many homeowners prefer hardwood flooring, particularly in areas like the living room, kitchen, and foyer. A wood floor can also complement your other wood applications, like your cabinetry. Here are some of the top reasons why homeowners choose hardwood:

Stylish Appearance

There is no question that hardwood floors provide a stylish appearance, which is why many homeowners choose them. Aesthetic appeal is a key factor in choosing your home’s décor. With a hardwood floor, you can choose a lightly colored wood or a deep, rich wood. You might also consider specialty woods to improve the appearance of your home. No matter your tastes, wood flooring offers a pleasing diversity of grains and colors for you to choose from.

Strength and Durability

While other types of flooring may require regular replacement, hardwood floors are renowned for their strength and durability. Woods with a tight grain like oak and fir are particularly well-suited to high-volume areas of your home, such as the kitchen, hallway, and entryway. The strength and durability of these floors makes them an economical choice.

Low Maintenance Needs

Homeowners also choose hardwood flooring because it is relatively low-maintenance. It can be difficult to lift a stain from carpeting, but with a finished hardwood floor, a spilled beverage only needs to be wiped up with a cloth. Regular cleaning of these floors also takes less time. In fact, the less water you use on the wood, the better.

Value of Home

Many homeowners choose to add hardwood floors because they increase a home’s value. Few things impress a potential homebuyer like walking into a foyer or living room with a well-maintained wood floor.

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