How Southern Lumber Can Meet All of Your Woodworking Needs

At Southern Lumber, we are pleased to offer an extensive inventory of woodworking tools and supplies. From top quality tools to rare and exquisite hardwoods, we provide the discerning woodworker with everything imaginable to create a beautiful project. Here is how Southern Lumber can meet all of your woodworking needs:

Preparing to Cut

Special Services

  • Our San Jose location has a specialized milling facility that provides special cutting services. If you are looking for a way to put a special touch on your woodworking project, we provide precision miter cutting, band saw work, decorative end work, and more. We have a number of customers that will drop off a cut-list for a project, and save themselves a lot of time and expense by letting us do all of the cutting work for their project.  All you need to do is provide us with a template or a cut-list, and we will create your specialized order.

Tools and Supplies

  • We offer an incredible range of specialized woodworking tools and supplies. For cutting and hand tools, we have professional grade products from Freud, Two Cherries, Veritas and specialty tools from the Robert Larson Company. From clamps and vices to chisels, drill presses, and more, we have everything your woodworking project requires.

Specialty Woods

  • Our wood inventory features a fantastic selection of upper grade softwoods and Domestic & Exotic Hardwoods from around the world. Whether you are looking for an exotic wood to create an inlay or a durable hardwood for a home construction project, we can help you find the perfect wood to meet your needs. Our clean and surfaced woods are defect free and entirely usable.

To see for yourself how Southern Lumber can meet all of your woodworking needs, come to our San Jose location. Our expert sales team will be happy to show you our fine selection of specialty wood and the many professional grade woodworking tools that we have in stock. For more information about how Southern Lumber can assist with your next woodworking project, call us at (408) 297-9663.

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