Your Guide to Moulding Replacement

Replacing the moulding in a room is a simple and effective way to improve the look and feel of any living space. If your moulding is cracked, chipped, or aging, moulding replacement is a simple home improvement project that you can do on your own. Here is your guide to moulding replacement:

unfurnished diningroom with lots of windows

Measure Old Moulding

The first step of any moulding project is to measure the length of the preexisting moulding in the room. Carefully take down the measurement of each wall, and note any areas such as a window or door that might affect your measurement.

Cut New Moulding

At the lumber store, select a new moulding style that will fit the dimensions and appearance of your room. From a cut list, have each length of moulding cut and separated by length. For added convenience, you can have the cut moulding delivered to your home.

Remove Old Moulding

To remove the old moulding, you can gently pry it off of the wall using a putty knife. Start by releasing the shoe moulding, and then move to the baseboards. Be careful not to damage the wall.

Prime or Stain

Before you install your new moulding, determine whether you will be painting or staining. If you will be painting your moulding, prime the moulding before mounting. Staining and finishing should also be done before you mount the moulding.

Attach the New Moulding

When you attach your new moulding, be sure to mount it on the wall studs. You will be able to find the proper mounting location by looking at the nail holes left by the previous moulding. After you have hammered your moulding into place, touch up any areas that are damaged or dirty.

For help with your moulding replacement project, come to Southern Lumber. The experts at our San Jose lumber center can help you find beautiful new moulding for you home and provide you with expert installation advice. To learn more about the extensive moulding selection we have in stock, call us at (408) 297-9663.

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