Exotic Hardwood Spotlight: Macassar Ebony

When most people think of wood, they imagine a plain, beige 2 X 4. However, any woodworker will tell you that there’s a lot more to wood. Macassar Ebony, for example, is an exotic hardwood that will likely change your perception of what wood can be.

Macassar Ebony is unique to the island of Sulawesi, which is a part of Indonesia. This hardwood appears light brown or reddish brown, with straight, dark stripes. Like other tropical hardwoods, Macassar Ebony can be tricky to work with, and may have a dulling effect on saws. If you’re experienced enough to work with Macassar Ebony, you might consider making a high-end pool cue, musical instrument, or luxury furniture. Once you craft this hardwood into an elegant finished product, you’ll find that it stands up well to fungus, water, and time. However, there are certain insects that find it delicious.

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At Southern Lumber, we keep plenty of Macassar Ebony on hand for specialty wood aficionados. We also offer moulding and millwork, redwood fences, vanity cabinets, and much more. Contact our San Jose office at (408) 297-9663 if you have any questions.

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