How to Correctly and Safely Use a Table Saw

Carpenter working with table saw

If you want to get serious about woodworking, you need to learn how to use a table saw. Since table saws are very sharp and spin very fast, they cause thousands of accidents every year. Fortunately, these accidents are completely avoidable as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Ensure Proper Setup and Alignment

You must set up your table saw properly to keep yourself safe and ensure straight cuts. Experts recommend basing all alignments off your table’s miter slots. The miter slot and rib fence should be parallel with the blade. If these items are not parallel, you will need to adjust the table.

Use All Necessary Safety Equipment

Don’t take any chances when using your table saw. Always wear goggles when cutting, and consider wearing a respirator. You should also make sure you keep the blade guard and splitter assembly in place. These items are designed for safety and must not be removed—even if you consider yourself to be an experienced woodworker.

Keep Fingers out of the Danger Zone

Always keep your fingers away from the saw blade—the area known as the “danger zone.” This may seem like a no-brainer, but finger injuries are the most common kind of woodworking injury. There are no small saw blade accidents; all it takes is a small nick to send you to the emergency room.   

Make Use of Push Devices

The best way to keep your hands as far away from the saw blade as possible is to make use of push devices. Even if you make a mistake while cutting, the blade will contact the push device instead of your hand. Push handles and rubber-soled push blocks are among the best push devices available.

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