Manufacturer Profile: Festool Power Tools


If you’re a professional woodworker, you know all about the importance of high-quality power tools. Miter saws, dust extractors, jigsaws, and other power tools can help you tackle virtually any job quickly, safely and with maximum precision. If you’re in the market for new power tools, consider buying them from Festool.

Festool’s origins go back to 1925, when its parent company Festo was founded in Wendligen, Germany. Festool became an independent company in 2000, and has since kept their focus on woodworking tools. Today, they make some of the most sophisticated power tools on the market, including miter saws, sanders, cordless drills, and dust extractors. They also make router tables, special storage units, work lights, and other important accessories. To make your future woodworking projects as strong and elegant as possible, consider bringing some German engineering into your workshop.     

To get a closer look at Festool products, come by Southern Lumber of San Jose. We have all the lumber, power tools, and accessories you need to complete your woodworking projects. Call us at (408) 297-9663 to learn more about our specialty woods.    

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