Simple Projects for Novice Woodworkers

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Woodworking is one of the most useful hobbies you can have. Knowing how to build something out of wood can save you a lot of money on furniture or carpentry services. Before you can tackle large projects, however, you need to start with the small stuff. Here are a few simple projects that are ideal for beginning woodworkers:  

Storage Crate

If you’re like most homeowners, you could always use a bit more storage. Instead of buying crates from the store, you might practice your woodworking skills by building a few of your own. Building a simple storage crate can be a great introduction to basic cutting and joinery techniques.  

Simple Table

Do you need an extra table for your workshop? If so, you might consider building a small table yourself. One of the simplest tables to build is a cross-leg table, which lends itself well to recycled wood scraps. Once you feel comfortable cutting and joining all the pieces, you might consider moving on to a larger, more complex table.   


To get a hang of the more nuanced aspects of woodworking, you might consider building a birdhouse. Since birdhouses are relatively small, you can build one out of whatever wood scraps you have lying around. A birdhouse is also a good project for getting kids involved with woodworking.

Upcycled Chair

You’ve heard of recycling; now there’s upcycling. Instead of using freshly milled wood for every project, you might consider turning discarded pieces of wood into works of art. One fun and easy upcycling project is to turn a shipping pallet into a chair. All you have to do is cut the pallet and refasten it to create comfortable outdoor seating.

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