Using Watco Danish Oil for Your Interior Wood Staining Projects

Like any woodworker, you work hard on all your projects—too hard to let your masterpieces become faded or damaged over time. To protect your furniture, clocks, and other wood surfaces, you’ll need to give them a strong finish; however, the sheer number of available finishes can make it difficult to find the right one. Any woodworking expert will tell you that Watco Danish Oil is a fine choice for keeping your wood items looking good.

Stained Wood

Basic Overview
Watco Danish oil is a special type of finish that combines penetrating oil and varnish. This finish is popular because it penetrates wood and hardens, rather than providing superficial protection. Experts recommend using Watco Danish oil for small pieces of furniture, picture frames, jewelry boxes and other small wood items. It is not recommended for surfaces that see a great deal of abuse, such as flooring.

Application Tips
There are a couple ways you can apply Watco Danish oil. One way is to apply it with a cloth and wipe it off. Another way is to apply it with a large brush. Watco Danish oil is known to dry very quickly, and you can wipe off the excess finish about 15 minutes after application. However, experts recommend that you leave it on your wood surface overnight to make sure it has a chance to penetrate the wood.

Woodworking Benefits
Applying Watco Danish oil is the perfect way to complete your woodworking project. This finish is known to enhance the appearance of any wood surface it touches. Once it penetrates the wood, Watco Danish oil creates a warm, rich glow that will be hard to take your eyes off of. Amateurs and professional woodworkers alike use this finish because the application process is quick and easy, and because it’s great for protecting wood from moisture.

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