A Woodworker's Guide for Selecting the Right Wood for a Project


When you are planning your next woodworking project, selecting the right wood is one of the most important parts of ensuring that your project is a success. As you are considering what type of wood will be best for your needs, it is crucial to evaluate the quality, durability, and ideal use of each type of wood that is available to you. Here are some guidelines to help you pick out the right wood for a home woodworking project.

Grain Pattern
Grain pattern should always be considered when you are selecting wood. By selecting boards that have a harmonious grain pattern, you will enhance the visual appeal of your woodworking project. Not only will matching grain patterns ensure that your piece looks beautiful, but matching grains will also ensure that your finished product is structurally sound.

Wood moisture is another important factor to consider when you are selecting wood for woodworking. As lumber is left to dry, much of the moisture in the wood will begin to naturally evaporate. This dehydration process can result in warped lumber. To select the right wood for your project, you should seek out lumber that has been properly milled and conditioned, and that will not dry out.

Softwood or Hardwood
When selecting wood, you will need to choose between softwood or hardwood. Softwoods are easy to work with and are often readily available. Many hardwoods are prized by discerning woodworkers. A quality hardwood can lend a luxurious and refined appearance to your finished piece.

At Southern Lumber, we carry a broad range of specialty woods and woodworking supplies that will be perfect for all of your woodworking needs. Most of our hardwoods have been surfaced and freed of defects, leaving you with 100% usable boards and eliminating “fall-off” concerns.  Our San Jose showroom also features materials for your home renovations, including moulding, millwork, and deck building materials. Call us at (408) 297-9663 to learn all about the quality wood featured in our inventory.

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