Tips for Picking the Right Moulding for Your Interior Spaces

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Moulding is used as an attractive wooden accent piece that is typically installed along the ceilings, walls, and floors of a room. With the right moulding, you can significantly enhance the appearance of a room. When you visit your local lumber supply center, you will have many moulding styles and varieties to choose from. Here are some tips to help you select the best moulding for your home.

Consider Your Existing Moulding
If your home already contains moulding, it is important to select new moulding that matches your existing style. To ensure continuity between your current moulding and your new moulding, you should measure the depth and width of any moulding that is found throughout your home. In addition, you can jot down notes about the wood, finish, and style of your home’s moulding to bring with you when you shop.

Take Measurements
When you are selecting new moulding for a room, it is important to accurately measure each area that you will be trimming. Using a tape measurer, determine the exact dimensions of each area in the room. In addition, be sure to figure out what types of moulding you will need in each area, including baseboard moulding and crown moulding.

Review Your Options
With many types and styles of moulding available, it is important to view a variety of samples before you make your selection. When selecting your new moulding, look for a moulding style and wood grain that will serve to complement the overall appearance and style of your home.

Additional Ideas
You can coordinate metallic finishes used for faucets, door hardware and towel bars, for example. Make sure you decide on all faucet selections before ordering. Determine any changes needed for rough plumbing.  Will the new plumbing locations match up with where the bowls of the sink will be located? Remember, wood finishes will change and darken over time, where some woods, cherry for example, will darken more than others.

If you are searching for the perfect moulding to use in your home renovation project, come to Southern Lumber to view our moulding and millwork inventory. As specialty wood experts, we carry a variety of high-quality woods for all of your home improvement needs. To learn more about our specialty woods, interior and exterior doors, and other wood products, give our San Jose location a call at (408) 297-9663.

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