Basic Wood Joinery Tips for Your Next Woodworking Project

As you become more skilled at woodworking, you’ll find that vanities, moulding, and other sophisticated projects require you to join pieces of wood together. While joinery may seem complicated at first, you should get the hang of it if you consider the following tips: 

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Use a Jig to Create Pocket Screw Joint

The pocket screw joint involves drilling angled holes into one of the boards, then screwing the two boards together through those holes. In order to apply this joint properly, you’ll need to purchase a special drill bit and a pocket hole jig. You can use the pocket screw method to join wood in either a miter joint or butt joint

Use a Plate Joiner to Create a Biscuit Joint

A plate joiner is a special tool that cuts slots into wood. Once you carefully measure and cut these slots, you can use small, flat pieces of wood, or biscuits, to join the wood planks. Be sure to use plenty of glue to ensure that the joint stays solid.

Clamp the Wood until the Glue Dries

Whichever joinery method you use, it’s likely to involve glue in some capacity. In order to prevent the joint from slipping or to prevent an unsightly gap, you should clamp the planks until the wood dries. Some of the most popular clamps are C clamps, bar clamps, and miter clamps.

If You Don’t Have the Tools, Consider a Half Lap Joint  

If you don’t have a plate joiner or pocket hole jig, you can still join wood with a half lap joint. All you have to do is remove half of the width of each piece of wood using a chisel, then screw and glue the two planks together. The simplest joining method is the edge glue method, which involves simply gluing the pieces together.

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