Maintaining Your Wood Deck with Superdeck Stains

An elegant wood deck is great for entertaining guests and enjoying time outdoors. As with any other part of your home, your wood deck requires regular maintenance if it is to last for decades. You can keep your deck in good shape if you regularly apply Superdeck stains and follow these expert maintenance tips:  


Select the Right Superdeck Stain

Since not all decks are the same, the innovators at Duckback have developed several different Superdeck stains. Superdeck Transparent Stain, Waterborne Stain, and Clear Wood Finish are ideal for preserving the beautiful grain of new hardwood, cedar, and redwood, while Superdeck Exterior Pressure Treated Stain can restore the natural tone of pressure-treated wood. If you’re looking for more protection, you might consider Superdeck Semi-Transparent Stain or Superdeck Solid Color Stain, which will hide your wood’s grain completely.

Prepare Your Deck for Staining

Once you choose the appropriate Superdeck stain, it’s time to set the ideal conditions for application. Experts recommend allowing new deck wood to season for at least three weeks before staining. To ensure your deck is ready for staining, remove all pots, planters, furniture, dirt, debris, and old stains, paints or varnishes. For the best results, stain your deck on a dry day—preferably in the morning or late afternoon.   

Determine the Best Application Method

The next step is to decide which application method will provide the most protection. Experts recommend applying stain with natural bristle brushes, though garden sprayers and airless sprayers may work better for large decks. If you go with a spray method of application, be sure to go over the surface with a brush to eliminate stain puddles. Once applied, Superdeck stains will last at least two years. Between stainings, you might consider giving your deck an aesthetic boost with Superdeck Wood Cleaner or Wood Brightener.     

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