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A Look at How to Use a Woodworking Router

Without the help of a woodworking router, fabricating a beautiful wood door, cabinet, or bathroom vanity would take a painfully long time. For tips on safely and effectively using a woodworking router ...
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Tips for Choosing Interior Doors

While not generally the focal point of a room, an interior door is capable of making or breaking a room’s design. If you are building a home or planning a remodel and are looking for new ...
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Tips for Preventing Wood Floor Gaps

While it may not be as much of a problem in San Jose as in parts of the country that are known for their chilly winters, hardwood flooring anywhere is vulnerable to the emergence of gaps when cooler ...
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Understanding the Differences Between Hardwoods and Softwoods

There is a common misconception that hardwoods and softwoods can be distinguished from one another based on differences in density and weight. To learn what actually makes hardwood different from ...
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Examining the Advantages of Wood Fences

In an age where homeowners have more choices than ever before when building and renovating, choosing the material in which you build your fence is just one of the many decisions to be made. In spite ...
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Basic Woodworking Tips: Joinery

Have you ever wondered how different pieces of wood are fused together seamlessly in various furnishings and home design features? If you have, or if you are interested in learning how wood joinery ...
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Improving Your Home's Style and Value [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re like many homeowners in the San Jose area, you’re looking for ways you can make your home more stylish—and reap the rewards of your investment. You can add style and value ...
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